program  /  east boston maritime center

site  /  piers park - east boston harbor

critic  /  joshua penn ruderman


east boston has always been a mecca for the transport and trade of goods, utilizing ships of all makes and materials.  this program calls for a maritime center and gallery, in an attempt to revitalize and educate the community.  the ship spaces and the gallery spaces act as separate programmatically, but are linked through the use of a dynamic building skin.  the "digitized" skin is the focus of the architecture, manipulating common material identity in order to create a new type of component easily adapted for use in the building's envelope. 

material components have a place in contemporary architecture, defining new ways to develop fundamental means of design.  under the guise of passage, aperture, and surface, this studio became a gateway to develop a material that could act and perform in an unorthodox manner.  the pliable nature of bristol paper led this investigation, defining a form of induced randomosity based on the site and its adjacencies.  the simple mechanics produced through digital and physical manipulation of these components allowed unobstructed views and natural light to filter through the skin.  each component acts individually with a rotation between 0 - 90 degrees, so that when aggregated the facade gives indication of its system based performance.