program  /  theodor-heuss bucherei 

site  /  schoneberg -  berlin, germany

critics  /  joachim dorr, rolf bachmann


since the fall of it's wall, berlin has been a cultural hub in central europe; thoroughly attracting a strong attention in contemporary architecture.  this comprehensive work clarifies a definition of urban design, through cohesive design research and construction documentation. 

this schoneberg library is a response to the culture, time, and place of a young city in flux.  the formal conceptions of this urban strategy were developed in part as a series of scaled site models, and the architecture derived from the needs for a definitive stance on necessary library functions.  the offset glass facadal-panels reflect the surroundings as if they were moving mirrors, and a twisting stairway core guides the occupants up and down the bibliothek's levels.


honored as a 2015 BSA design showcase winner;  featured in a temporary gallery for the BSA space community