deconstructing the city

program  /  thesis prep 1 & 2 research

topic /  amplification of human+city proportions

critic  /  robert cowherd, lora kim


our lives, within the context of human density, frame a purpose to which the modern metropolis must adapt to and initiate with. the following graphics illustrate a stance on the increasing normative of urban hyper-density in western cities. each graphic tackles a specific question about human congestion, and assembles a means to answer the question through framing an architectural solution. these frames - systems, program, density - became a condition in which to study urban occupancy. 

the resultant catalog of graphics in turn allows for an embrace and amplification of human congestion, letting illustrative architecture maintain its relevance with people under the conditions of verticality. through a utilization of human scalar relationships and a mediation of proportions, there emerges an opportunity for the reconfiguration of contemporary urban life. such an urban condition was studied through this framework, which becomes a way in which a new paradigm for architecture—dense, vertical, and utterly human—could perform in a way that celebrates its own congestion; the implementation of a true metropolitan vernacular.