hybrid scales

program  /  super-tall residential towers

site  /  government service center - downtown boston

critic  /  carol burns, mark pasnik, peter greenberg


aiming to create a vibrant urban center that reinvigorates the government service center and its neighborhood, this proposal introduces circulation paths through the site and activates its perimeter and center with public-oriented programs.  these include a new hotel tower, housing midrise, and live-work units integrated into the gsc.  

these elements provide a material presence that counterbalances the current building’s monolithic image. openings through the existing building into the courtyard connect staniford and new chardon streets for pedestrians and cyclists.  the oversized existing plaza has been subdivided by the housing midrise into smaller green spaces. vegetation is treated in ways that integrate ground surfaces and facades, which are composed of shifting interior units with greened balconies.  these strategies across scales transform the complex into a verdant center enriched by many activities.

the super-tall hotel tower becomes a dynamic representation of scale at the level of the city, and that of the human occupant.  the long faces of the tower were oriented fittingly and subdivided into a "unit grid", which was then extruded based on a formula that attributed green balcony space and indoor panoramic space accordingly.  while becoming boston's third largest building, it maintains a subtle connection to the individual through its privately sized units.  each unit was was developed distinctly and aggregated successively, so that each resident is offered a unique experience in the boston skyline. 


awarded the prestigious 'design excellence award' for most outstanding senior design project