program  /  istanbul archaeological museum

site  /  tophane-i amare - istanbul, turkey

critic  /  weldon pries


this project responds to the height of taksim square as the political, economic, and social heart of istanbul, forming in resonance on the mouth of the bosphorus. this sequence of the city is comprised wholly of the influences of culture, density, history, topography, and water. these aspects form the life and story of all those that experience such a city stuck in time. 

the sequence of the city is encompassed in one last gesture that completes the pathway from taksim square to the sea. in reflection of the life of the city of istanbul, the architecture that results is representative of the history of the city and the middle east in its entirety. as a museum of archaeological history, this project houses massive relics in a disparate state, saving them, restoring them, and showcasing them to the world. the resultant architecture is one fully intertwined with the history of istanbul at the center of europe and asia.