program  /  copps hill performance park

site  /  copps hill flights - north end, boston

critics  /  elizabeth ghiseline, mark klopfer


this first place competition proposal focused on the revitalization of the boston copps hill community, by activating the north end flights.  neglected for too long, this built urban path is in need of a spatial and programmatic intervention to energize the excitement of the community. 

un.hinged unleashed the site through pivoting gestures in order to create a strong interface between the site and community.  the pivoting gesture invites views across the site, encouraging fluid movement from the neighborhood through the heart of the flights.  the site itself was pushed and pulled in an effect to draw the existing street and recreational life of the neighborhood into the new performance spaces.


honored as a 2014 BSA design showcase winner;  featured in a temporary gallery for the BSA space community

published in the 14/15 issue of wentworth architecture review, a student run publication of academic work