vertical territories.             urban desires

program  /  hybrid mixed-use towers

site  /  spura - lower east side, new york city

critic  /  robert cowherd, mark pasnik, lora kim


life in our cities is becoming exponentially more dense. in effect, urban architecture should be designed relatively to the human scale, mediating formal proportion as a means to develop a new typology that can adapt to the growing disconnect between people + city.  

density is now and will forever be an inevitable part of our human condition. it is by harnessing the positive attributes of this density, as opposed to its negative connotations, that communities within the urban realm can frame and intensify their conditions of necessity. a particular typology of high density within the city—continuously overcoming the conventional boundaries of human agglomeration—can allow an unprecedented enhancement to the civic realm. this new typology, an urban metropolitan vernacular, can incorporate many of the typical amenities, typologies, and urban facilities of a successful contemporary community.

in the attempt to find a new paradigm for what could be a civic social condenser in the city, this thesis is exploring density and congestion as a means to amplify the conditions of urban life. with the vertical frontier becoming some of the most valuable real estate across the world, the questions of civic engagement, social hierarchy, and cultural consciousness become more apparent in the sky. upon the discourse, there is a massive schism among theory and verticality, and this thesis will engage in these questions in order to reconsider the application of the tower within the contemporary lifestyle of the metropolis. this thesis is searching for the response of metropolitan architecture, which in turn could afford a much more prosperous, dense, and socially equitable experience for the inhabitants of the urban realm.



awarded the prestigious 'thesis design excellence award' for most outstanding thesis of 2016 graduating class

awarded the "2016 Henry Adams Medal and Certificate" for excellence in the study of architecture.  the award is honored to the top-ranking graduate student in each AIA accredited school